The January Project Week 3

January 11- Dear God- God and a reporter have a frank conversation by email with XTC on the radio.

January 12- Sitting Around Keeping Score- Freddy Krueger is having a very bad day. Thankfully, his latest non-victim is happy to make him a cup of tea and a cinnamon bun and let him listen to a little Spymob.

January 13- Are We the Waiting- We all make mistakes. Logan's was not listening to Green Day and realizing the Jesus of Suburbia is a no go before chasing him to Japan to score a date. 

January 14- Song for You- Kevin loves her and knows she doesn't love him. But he sure would like to cheer her up anyway with a bit of Alexi Murdoch.

January 15- I Don't Want This- An artist refuses to be a commodity, writes a letter saying as much thanks to some Nine Inch Nails' inspiration. 

January 16- Not Coming Home- Sally's at home alone listening to Maroon 5. Sounds like the best time to put an ex in his place.

January 17- Stars 4-Ever- With Robyn in their heads, two girls in love touch the infinite and refuse to say goodbye.