Last Week in the Links: 1/11- 1/17/2016

Oh my goodness. It's a new week. Well, better make sure you got all of me from last week that you could.

On The Site

Is the January Project going? You bet it is!

On Tuesday, I let you know what award shows deserve awards and which ones don't in the List.

Inspired by Agent Carter recaps (see below) I contemplated Howard Stark's evolution and how the MCU's decision to stick with two actors to play him helped facilitate that.

Week two of my new podcast feature highlighted Get Up on This, the podcast that keeps me as cool and on the bleeding edge as I am.

The Rest of the Internet

Spider-Man is a popular guy in the Marvel Universe and as a result he sometimes ends up teaming up with people he'd just assume not to. I went took the time to pick out a few including the truly excellent Solo!

My Agent Carter recaps kept right on going reaching the penultimate episode. Recapped were: Time and Tide, Blitzkrieg Button, The Iron Ceiling, A Sin to Err, and SNAFU


There are a couple of announcements and events coming this week that refer to thinks I've written previously. So, here I go a-reminding you of them.

First, the upcoming X-Files revival, which begins airing Sunday. I spent a month of Tuesdays focusing on the Monsters of the Week that X-Files was famous for, breaking them into four categories: Humanoid (But Not Human), Human, Nature/Science Run Amok, and Aliens.

With Jessica Jones second season now official, feel free to hype yourself up by luxuriating in my baseless speculation about how to handle further seasons of the series.