Bang! Pow! Podcasts Aren’t Just Serial Anymore: Get Up on This

Where to Find It:

The Players: Jensen Karp and Matthew Robinson, joined, typically, by a guest.

What Is It: To paraphrase the hosts themselves, the podcast take on issue of dating, technology, relationships and sex and makes them completely unsexy.

The show actually has two formats (well three, but we won’t talk about that other one). The first, which they do most weeks of the month, is the positive one that the show gets its name from. In it, Jensen and the guest tell listeners two things each that they should “get up on” that have not quite broken yet or that happened in the past but were largely missed.

Matt (referred to as one half a man in this context) gets only one recommendation.

Both Karp and Robinson are former hip hop artists and big fans of the genre so at least one rec usually involves a new or resurgent hip hop act. Robinson is also a massive tabletop game fan, so his recommendations frequently revolve around games and their paraphernalia. Still, in total and week to week, the show recommends a wide range of things from TV to movies to apps to experiences and so on.

After recs, the hosts and their guest confess to things they should have been on but missed the bus on initially and then close the show with a game, often a “is this a real [board game, band at Coachella, producer on Soundcloud] or something I made up.

The other format is the negative “Get Up OFF This” version, headlined by Robinson instead. He has two things you need to stop (and things you should replace them with) as does the guest. Jensen, apparently the more optimistic of the group, only does one.

Here, the selections are even more eclectic and bizarre. For instance, Robinson has come out against things like ice or letting people merge on the highway previously and Karp just this week came out against the 1950’s standard “On Broadway.”

This is followed, again, by confessions of mistakes, this time things they hated that they now have to admit they know think are pretty good.

The show is smart and funny and the hosts clearly know lots about lots. They have also both have each other’s numbers so there interplay is never bland. They like each other enough, for lack of a better way to say it, to give each other shit now and then.

The guests are, perhaps, more hit or miss, but only just. Karp and Robinson are both very good at bringing people into their vibe and incorporating them into the twos quick but never annoyingly quick banter.

Some episodes to start with: “LEXI BELLE w/ Lexi Belle”- Jensens, it turns out, grew up with adult film star Lexi Belle as his cousin for several years. He lost track of her after she moved on toanother foster family and they didn’t speak for years until her stardom got her on the internet where he could notice this girl who sure looked and sounded a lot like his cousin. In this episode they talk about their past, her life before and after that shared past, and how acting in adult movies affected her life. It seems remarkably even handed in terms of both how one gets into pornographic films (they don’t pretend she had a perfect childhood but they also don’t portray it as a horrifying mess) and how the industry treats its own.

"THE YEAR END SHOW 2015"- Their year-end show gives you a nice feel for what they recommended you embrace and avoid over the year and their chemistry without a guest involved.

Besides those, just try one of the two or three most recent ones. Week to week the show is strong enough that any episode is a good place to jump in. The above two are just recommended because of how they step out of format a bit while demonstrating the way the show works well and is interesting.