January 17, 2016- Stars 4-Ever

“Stars 4-Ever” by Robyn from Skip Serpico Mix: C(oncerts Recently Attended)

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(image from amazingmystery.co.za)

(image from amazingmystery.co.za)

Dear Diary,

Iseul left this morning. A train to Dulles, then a plane to Colorado. I’m off to Barnard in three days. I don’t know. I think this might be it. I don’t know.

Last night, we spent the entire night lying in the back of the truck bed. Just staring up at the sky. Talking about everything. Everything but us. We couldn’t even look at each other. We just held hands and looked up into the sky and talked about everything but what was really on our mind.

And it was…everything.

There are slices of time…just these thin moments that will never register in history where you feel like…I don’t know, someone you’ve completely synched your rhythm, your body, your soul (yeah, I know) with the rest of the universe. Like its absorbing you and you’re absorbing it. That was Izzie and I last night.

It made me feel great and scared and like my heart was gonna explode. I wanted it to stretch into infinity. Maybe. Maybe it would’ve been meaningless if it did.

I love her and she loves me. We may never have anything after this. But we had last night. So…maybe that’s enough? Maybe a thin slice of an the infinite is a fair trade off? I don’t know, I’m 18. But right now, it makes some sense to me.