Last Week in the Links: 01/22-01/28/2018

What do you call those pieces of a chain again? On, that's right. LINKS!

Well Spider-Man? WELL?! Which is it, dick?! (

Well Spider-Man? WELL?! Which is it, dick?! (

This Site!

I improved your social life in the Tuesday List by telling you how to respond to the people in your life.

The January Project!

Before Week 4 of The January Project kicked off, I looked back with some disappointment at Week 3 in the Writer's Commentary. 

Exploring "Both Sides of the Story" mines comedy. At least, I hope.

"Stacy's Mom" in the song has it going on. In this children's story, she's the mom that every kid wants to be raised by.

After a lifetime of spilling "American Blood" in support of the American Dream, he realizes it was all a lie.

There's a beast on the eighth floor. If he gets you "Filthy," well, you were lucky it wasn't worse.

He agreed to some "Long Vows." It turns out he had no idea how long long was.

She once could answer yes when asked "Do You Believe"? Unfortunately, she can agree to that no longer.

The Queen put "One Foot" in front of the other and found herself a new life in this fairy tale.

Other Sites!

I did my usual not stirring up controversy thing by talking about "Social Justice Warriors" and why people who think that's a bad thing are DUMB AF. Nah, I'm that mean. But that would be true too.

Then I got positive--but kept it on that social awareness type--by advocating for the amazing Cardiac to be the next beloved anti-hero.