The January Project Week 5

January 25- Panic! at the Disco notices Viv and she talks about her "Impossible Year." 

January 26- A man confesses to murder... ghost murder, "Now." Joywave is singing in the lobby of the police station.

January 27- Billy's been on a "Rollercoaster" of emotions since his family died. Clarissa has been on a rollercoaster of pure murderous fun. Good luck to the mob, bids the Bleachers as they provide the soundtrack to a little mayhem.

January 28- He may not be encountering Taylor Swift in VR, but he's still living his "Wildest Dreams."

January 29- With BoomKAT making people pound the floor, a cult is dancing it's way to oblivion in "Now Understand This."

January 30- Wendy has always preferred the past to the future's "Possibility Days," from the Counting Crows song of the same name.

January 31- For a time traveling villain who love Depeche Mode (don't we all) it's only "A Question of Time" before he achieves his goals, garage band jerk teens or not.