The January Project Week 4

January 18- Parker's day at the office takes a turn for the worse when a living nightmare arrived prepared to shriek, "Die, Alright!" The Hives provide the baseline

January 19- Brad gets a second chance at texting but can't stop himself from ruining it by telling Sara her "Sex on Fire." The downloadable ringtone comes from the Kings of Leon.

January 20- The incident has passed. The Aftermath is here. She survived one, but will the other destroy her while listening to R.E.M.? 

January 21- Welcome to the future! The country is protected by heroes "Larger than Life." But what happens when they turn on the government? Backstreet Boys are pumping the headphones.

January 22- Hey Dinosaur, I'm "Walking in Your Footsteps"! And I'm better than you! The Police are along for the time travel.

January 23- Living the American Dream these days includes the right to skip your high school reunion all while listening to Better Than Ezra.

January 24- Imagine a "Ride" where everyone hits on you all the time. At work, on the streets, in your favorite restaurants. Everywhere but at home. twenty-one pilots aren't immune but they still play those instruments because they're professionals.