The February Prompt 2016 is Here!

Welcome to February. And welcome to the February Prompt!

What’s the February Prompt? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Much like Tim Steven’s January Project, it is a series of entries that feature an original piece of fiction inspired by a song. The idea is that these pieces are akin to flash fiction, written quickly to tap into the creative spirit. These aren’t pieces worked on for months and edited to perfection. They are wild and unwieldy and, hopefully, great in that way. Given this is the month of love, February, the themes are organized around the subject of love. Past themes have included “Breaking Up to a Beat”: Stories of Relationships Ending and “Will They or Won’t They?” Storie of Ambiguity in Love.

The twist is, though, these are not pieces from me. You are (largely) spared my voice after the deep long bath of The January Project. Unique writers with unique voices to delight you, entertain you, and make you think.

AND, double twist!, you are invited to be part of it. The February Prompt is a contest, too, and I’m throwing the door open to contestants. This year’s theme is “At the Starting Line”: Stories of Beginnings. That means they can be stories of first dates, of first loves, of first sex-ings…if you can justify it as a beginning, it works! The entries can be poems or prose or monologues to short dialogues or faux news articles or…whatever. Peek The January Project for examples of some formats.

So are you interested? Great! Here’s what you do: either email at tim[dot]g[dot]stevens[at]gmail[dot]com or reach out to me @UnGajje on the mighty Twitter. Or call or text me or tell me in person if we’re down like that.

Tentatively, the February Project will launch the 15th. I know that feels like it is awfully soon and it is. But that’s part of the point. If you are interested, even if it is after the 15th, let me know and I’ll make it work.

Prizes? They won’t be great, to be honest. One is a gift card to an online vendor. The other is a piece of NBA memorabilia that very few of you will want. But think of the thrill of the victory and the novelty!

To summarize: open call for entries in this year’s February Prompt writing contest: “At the Starting Line.” Open to all! Write me to let me know you are interested, think about what song you want to use as inspiration, and we’ll go from there. Prizes awarded to first and second place. Entries start on the 15th.