Last Month or So in the Links

Let's not talk about it. Let's just move on.

On The Site

Spider-man has lots of costumes. I ranked em. This is for you, all you people who read my stuff for fashion commentary!

The Rest of the Internet

I'm the Tim that asks about "decks" in this Read it and Weep episode about "Gleaming the Cube." I am not hilarious, but the people chatting take it and make magic.

Also on Read it and Weep, during the Event Horizon installment, I write in about orgies. If that's your thing.

I wrote episode summary/highlight pieces about Agent Carter. This is the last installment but you can get to the rest through the tags.

I love the Thunderbolts so I was thrilled to be the first to write about their return on

Marvel's newest crossover launched on Wednesday and I wrote up some teases to tempt you into buying it.

There's a new character in SILK but is he hero or villain? Writer Robbie Thompson won't say for sure, but he does discuss the character and the book's direction with me.

It's clear that the Maker, the villainous alternate world teen version (that's a mouthful) of Reed Richards is bad news. But Al Ewing is here to tell me and you why the Maker's creepy too. 

The Wounded Warriors teamed up with Thompson, Marvel, and Agent Venom himself to tell a grounded tale of prosthetics for veterans against the incredible world of sci-fi space battles. I interviewed Thompson about the process.