The Tuesday List: Deadpool and Shameless Self-Promotion Collide

Tomorrow is a BIG feature that I kind of was initial considering to be the Tuesday List but it revealed itself to be more. Sooooo....I went this way instead. People are loving Deadpool (now out in theates!) and I've written about Deadpool. So, here is a list of the times I've written about the Merc with a Mouth.

Is it self-promotion? You bet!

Back in 2009, Deadpool and I encountered one another for a Psych Ward for the first time.

About a year later, he's back in the Ward again, this time with a new friend, Headpool. Yep. Headpool.

Only a few months later, there's Deadpool again, this time with the rest of his X-Force teammates

In time, DP joins the Thunderbolts and I, with Daniel Way, provide the dossier.

Finally, against the backdrop of AXIS, I investigate Wade's sudden conversion to pacifism (and Storm's seeming turn to the dark side).