The January Project Week 2

January 4- Liars Everywhere- A girl trusts no one but herself and her senses. From the Toad the Wet Sprocket song.

January 5- Please Say No- She's lonely. Her marriage may be falling apart. And if her ex doesn't tell her to stop, they both know where things will end up. Jimmy Eat World reinforces things with the music.

January 6- Running on Ice- Billy Joel's song fuels a company's decision to put Pulp Fiction on ice and so much more!

January 7- White Sky- The sky is nowhere near white as a woman journeys across a city, unaware of the horde gathering behind her. Vampire Weekend sets the beat.

January 8- Big Bad Wolves- Walk the Moon's music can't help this guy from completing botching his sexting opportunity with his long distance girlfriend.

January 9- Look at Wrist- A police interrogation goes quietly awry, much to the detective's dismay and frustration, thanks to the song of the same name from Father.

January 10- I Want to Be the Boy Who Warms Your Mom's Heart- The White Stripes' tune leads to a trio of limericks telling the story of a possibly inappropriate relationship.