January 6, 2016- Running on Ice

“Running on Ice” by Joel, Billy from The Bridge

Listen to it here

(photo from gunaxin.com)

(photo from gunaxin.com)



Derivative ENTERTAINMENT Announces Its Most Ambitious Project to Date

It is the fifth anniversary of the year Pulp Fiction was first released on Blu Ray so what better time to revisit the massive critical and popular hit? DE says there is no better time and we therefore have an aggressive—AND THRILLING—package of events planned for this year to honor the movie that resurrected John Travolta’s career and introduced us to an actor by the name of Bruce Willis!

PULP FICTION- THE STAGE SHOW- How better to experience Quentin Tarantino’s crackerjack dialogue and bold interlocking story structure than on the black box stage of the local community college?! Boasting performances from largely untrained 18-22 year olds, many of who were not even alive when Fiction first grace silver screens, the Stage Show crackles with the same kind of manic anarchic energy the film did!

PF ON ICE!- Everyone knows Vincent Vega can dance, but did you also know he can ice skate? Can you imagine Zed’s chopper actually being a Zamboni? Well, wonder no more! Pulp Fiction on Ice is here to reveal all that and more, all set to the film’s original score and soundtrack!

WHAT’S IN THE BRIEFCASE: A MULTIMEDIA EXPERIENCE- Man, ambiguity sucks, right? No worries, this new game has you covered. Work with or against your friends as you definitively answer what’s in that briefcase, why it glows, and why Marsellus Wallace wants it so bad. The next in our highly popular imprint which includes such well-known gams as SO…WHY WAS THE POLAR BEAR ON THE ISLAND? and DID WALT HAVE ANY KIND OF SPECIAL POWERS?

JACK RABBIT SLIM’S PLAYSET- Every kid’s favorite Pulp Fiction scene is the one in that throwback diner. No, not the diner that gets held up. No, not the scene with the dancing. Before that. When Uma Thurman is talking about her tv show. Kids love that.

Capture all the magic of it again for the Pulp Fiction-head in your life with this 3 and up playset! Buy it for your kids today! Don’t be a square!

THE GIMP FORMAL WEAR- Don’t be the boring one at the next wedding reception or First Communion you attend! This outfit let’s people know you are elegant but up to party! Comes in grey suit or tuxedo for the men or little black dress or formal evening gown for the ladies. Leather mask included with every purchase. Don’t try to wear the clothes without the mask. We will know.

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