January 10, 2016: I Want to be the Boy Who Warms Your Mom's Heart

“I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mom’s Heart” by White Stripes from Elephant

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(photo from newlyweds.about.com)

(photo from newlyweds.about.com)

It’s not like what it sounds

Because even I can see how that implies inappropriateness abounds.

I just want her to like me

So you she’ll let me see.

Because right now I feel discarded like those single gloves in all those lost and founds.

I promise when I said she was fine,

I wasn’t angling for her to be mine.

You’re the one I love

Who before all else I place above

And that’s all I was going to say when I invited her out to dine.

Which brings us to the kiss

Wherein her forehead I did miss

Who did I end up affixed to her breast?

Yes, that was a bit messed.

But for real, that was not about my bliss.

So, in conclusion, I was just trying to get in her good graces

Please stop making those faces

The sex only happened now and then

And that was the first time in your den

I understand you are angry, but perhaps you could stop spraying me with so many maces?