Last Week in the Links: 1/4-1/10/2016

I've been so busy I don't even need to blather on here to give you your money's worth.

On The Site

Remember, The January Project is back and cranking along, strong as ever.

How better to follow up another watching of Quentin Tarantino's inebriated Golden Globe acceptance speech than with a Tuesday List ranking all his films?

The most important thing I did all week was collecting and presenting all the titles for the undoubtedly going to happen Blackhat sequel.

My new weekly feature, shining spotlights on podcasts you might not know, begins with New York Magazine's Sex Lives podcast.

The Rest of the Internet

 Over at I've begun to recap all of Season 1's episodes on Agent Carter in anticipation of Season 2. So far, I've recapped "Now is Not the End" and "Bridge and Tunnel."