Blackhat Sequel Titles

Michael Mann's most recent directorial effort, Blackhat, may be, covertly, the greatest film of all time. Don't question it, just accept it.

With that in mind, my band, Grey Lady Down, and I did the world a favor and generated a list of possible sequel titles. We now present them to you, the viewing public. Feel free to write your local legislatures to advocate for your favorites.

Blackhat in Space
Son of Blackhat
Rise of the Blackhat
The Tale of Blackhat's Ghost
Blackhat vs Philip Glas
Fear of a Blackhat
Blackhat Meets Abbott and Costello
Blackhat 2: The New Batch
He Rode a Pale Horse, He Wore a Blackhat
Blackhat Awakens
For Your Blackhat Only
Dirty Blackhat
Blackhats Off to Christmas!
Dr. Blackhat or :How I Learned to Love Cybercrime
My Big Fat Greek Blackhat
The Blackhat Who Loved Me
The Bat, The Cat, and The Blackhat
I Am Blackhat
Building a Better Blackhat
Blackhat 3000
Blackhat: None More Blackhat
Blackhat: The Gitmo Protocol
How Blackhat Got His Groove Back
Dr. Seuss's Cat in a Blackhat
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blackhat*
Blackhat and the Holograms
The Blackhats Coming
Blackhat and the Infinite Sorrow
Blackhat's Big Day Off
Wizard of Blackhat and Blackhat of Oz are two 40-minute movies.  Same story, two different directors.