Last Week in the January Project: 1/5-2/11/2015

Everybody loves my poetry, right? RIGHT?! Well too bad, because U2's "I Fall Down" means I am taking another swing at the sweet language of the poet. It memorializes a life ended too soon and the promises left unfulfilled.

A woman monologues on the one man that always makes her feel terrible and how she turned the tables in "Perfect Disguise." Inspired by the Modest Mouse track.

Someone broke into Eric and John's apartment. Someone who called it "The Old Apartment." But the Tenants' Association? Doesn't believe them for a second. The Barenaked Ladies provide the soundtrack.

Two friends meet in a bar. Both have secrets. Related secrets. That are coming out tonight. What happens next in "I'll Be?" Springing from the eponymous Edwin McCain tune.

The local newspaper covers a woman demanding people acknowledge her uniqueness and note she only has one "Hand in My Pocket." Alanis Morissette can relate.

No one was ready. No one was prepared. As the Decemberists' lyrics haunt the scene, a man tries to catch up with what his life has become in "Rox in the Box."

Kanye West declared "I Am a God," but when Julie encounters the true bigger than life deity she finds...maybe West was on to something? What does that mean? You gotta read to find out.