January 5, 2015: I Fall Down

“I Fall Down” by U2 from October

Listen to it here

(image from letterspy.com)

(image from letterspy.com)

She had written the letter on the 10th of October
A promise to herself, to him, to the world
Written in ink on plain white paper
A pledge made earnest and sober

Neither believed that it wouldn’t happen
That things would unravel so quick
Scuttling dreams surrounded to hospital white
Destinies rendered permanently misshapen.

And so that letter went into a drawer
Black on white, a promise never to be fulfilled
Unable to throw it away, unable to read it again
A talisman of sorts, an ever present horse in the grief Trojan War

She had written the letter on October 10
And was gone by March, so very quick
An oath secretly doomed from the start
Pen, paper, amounting to nothing more than a silent Amen.