The Tuesday List: 10 Great Twist Endings of the Past 20 Years

There are good twist endings and there are bad twist endings. Mostly bad, it is true. And when a twist ending goes awry, it is a truly hideous thing. But when it doesn’t, when it lands and, in retrospect, the pieces snap together? Well, that, that ladies and gentlemen, is cinema magic.

Here are 10 films that pulled off that most delicate of movie tricks in the last 20 years.

10 Films of the Past 20 Years with Great Twist Endings (in no particular order)

1.       The Usual Suspects

2.       The Sixth Sense

3.       Primal Fear

4.       Fallen

5.       Fight Club

6.       The Others

7.       Gone Baby Gone

8.       The Prestige

9.       Dark City

10.   There is no 10th. That’s the twist. You’re welcome.