Last (It's Been a Tick) in the Links

So sorry for disappearing for a bit. I didn't mean to drop the site into low content mode. Things have just been...hectic in a weird sort of way as of late. But now, I think we are on track and ready to explode onward.

Anyway, here's some stuff you might have missed.

The Rest of the Internet

SECRET WARS is coming, and I talked about the LAST DAYS of Loki and Captain America and the Mighty Avengers as the end draws ever closer.

I also talked to writer Brian Michael Bendis about the end of his X-MEN run and what's to come as he closes it down.

Lastly, I experience life on the other side of the interview when I sit for Liz Presson of Oticon Medical to talk Blue Ear, Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, and comics in general.

Coming This Week

Content! Tuesday List. Friday joke-y thing. Stuff on Wednesday and Thursday, hopefully!