Will They or Won't They?: The Master List

Having a hard time keeping up with the Will They or Won't They? writing contest/talent jamboree? Here's everything that's happened to far in one easy to click through document.

Aren't I nice to do this for you?

Yes, yes I am

March 5: The Sound of Settling by Tim Stevens

March 6: Stop the Wedding by Tim Stevens

March 7: I Can't Make You Love Me by Tim Stevens

March 8: Too Close by Tim Stevens (Tim Stevens's The January Project reprint)

March 12: Someday We'll Be Together by Mathan Erhardt

March 13: Dance, Dance by Tim Stevens

March 18: You've Got A Friend by James Hatton

March 19: Between the Lines by Karla Kale

March 20: Kitchen-- A Memoir by Elisabeth Boekhoven

March 21: Dark Paradise by Heather Weinberg

March 22: Breakfast at Tiffany's by Laura Wirpsza

March 25: Imagining You by Magali Laitem

March 26: Cecile Meets a Boxer (New Ways to Bleed) by Tochi Onyebuchi

March 27: Fallen for You by Stephanie Jerzy

Will be updated going forward for the duration of the contest.