Will They or Won't They?: Fallen for You

By: Stephanie Jerzy

Song: “Fallen For You”

Artist: Sheila Nicholls

Album: High Fidelity – Original Soundtrack

Listen to the song of inspiration here


(Photo from http://www.romance-ideas.net/images/my-five-best-romanticsorrytextmessages-21524417.jpg)

It had been 20 minutes since my phone buzzed with the message from Evan:

“9:45 PM

Can u come over?

Sarah’s gone. And I need to talk to someone.”

My state of shock still had not subsided. It was the first time I’d heard from Evan in weeks. At least since that bitch Sarah put her foot down and demanded he spend less time with me. She was afraid, after all, that we were just too close of friends.

And she had every right to be. It was at that same time that Evan met Sarah ten months ago that I realized my feelings for him went beyond friendship. I had fallen for my best friend. And fallen hard.

But of course I never told him . Not when he was so clearly head over heels for Sarah. It never would have been fair to him, so I hid behind a smile and continued to be the friend to him he knew me to be. So what now? Why – when they’ve clearly just split – is he calling me first?

I am small and timid as a wave of emotions comes over me; I’m a flurry of excitement and nerves, feeling scared and hopeful and hopelessly romantic all at the same time...

But, I’m brought back to reality by the familiar buzz of the iPhone.

“10:07 PM

Kat, are u there??? Please answer me.”

I pause, breathe out a heavy sigh, and type the message to Evan that I know he needs to hear most. Not “I love you”, “I want to be with you”, or “You’re my everything.”

I hit send.

“10:09 PM

I’m on my way now.”

Stephanie likes to think she wears many hats, but until recently had not considered writing fiction to be among them. She is a Journalism major, Assistant Marketing Manager and social media maven. Additionally, Stephanie is a cocktail and spirits enthusiast, sports addict, aspiring yogi, foodie and proud alumna of the University of Arizona (Bear Down!).

While she blogs and manages Twitter accounts for several brands, you can find her personal musings (sorry, no fiction to be found!) on Twitter and her (very poorly updated) blog, Then Jerzy Was Like.