Last Week in the Links: 01/15-01/22/2018

Hey. Want the hook up? I got the LINKS right here!

That's a fair amount of money. (

That's a fair amount of money. (

The January Project!

First back, look on Week 2's Writer's Commentary to see what I screwed up, what I got right, and how a true crime podcast influenced an entry. 

A "Once in a Lifetime" moment finds a man stranded in a life not his own. One he refuses to accept. One he takes up a bat against.

He cannot stop his tendency to "Analyse" but he's trying and he tells her that in a poem.

The being in the tank promises "I Will Possess Your Heart," but what will be the cost? 

A mom proclaims "I Won't Back Down" and then proves it with her hands, feet, and assorted weapons.

If he jut read his emails from HR maybe he wouldn't have to feel "Stupid" now. 

Women debate asking for their respective boyfriends' "H.W.C." in a rather "mature" installment.

A letter wrote and sent too late to reach us before "We Lie In Our Graves."

Other Sites!

My Panel President List fueled half of Warrocket's Ajax's episode last week.

My question pops up in Comics Will Break Your Heart Mailbag 3 episode.