Last Two Weeks in the Links

Took a little break for the July 4th week. Been married 9 years now. Anyway, here's what was up the past two weeks.

God I wish I was fashionable. (

God I wish I was fashionable. (

This Site!

The Tuesday List helpfully told you how to celebrate the U.S.'s independence. It will not help you now, but save it for next year!

Throwback Thursday again demonstrated it did not know its place by creeping up to Tuesday. I highlighted Driver and The World's End in prep for Baby Driver, Edgar Wright's latest.

Then it showed up in the usual place, Thursday, as I waxed philosophic on the middle aged people cut loose comedy genre in regards to The House, the summer's big flop so far, and mildly recommended the director's last writing effort Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Finally, my ongoing quest to recommend you new podcasts went a-leaping with the Quantum Leap focused podcast Beckett to the Future.

That's a lot of guns. (

That's a lot of guns. (!

Nick Fury (Jr) hits the Psych Ward!

He better move it along in a hurry though because Rogue One's Cassian and K2so are close on his heels.