The Week in Tim Stevens's The January Project Week 3

As The January Project has its own separate section of the site, some visitors might miss it. No worries though, I'm here with this summary of the week that was to direct you to all the entries for January 13- January 19. This one is especially recommended as, for some reason, the site did not autotweet these out so you definitely might've missed them.

January 13: Moving Pictures, Silent Films: A woman finds herself back in college after what she remembers as a lifetime under ground with a powerful book.

Selected song: Great Lake Swimming's Moving Pictures, Silent Films

Writer's Commentary: You Were Good

January 14: Pig, Sheep, and Wolves: A man reveals who he'd get away with murder. Which he doesn't need to. Because he didn't kill anyone. But this is how he'd do it. If he did it. Which he didn't.

Selected song: Paul Simon's "Pig, Sheep, and Wolves."

Writer's Commentary: Giving Up the Gun

January 15: Superman: We don't have the Man of Steel in a holding cell, do we?

Selected song: R.E.M.'s Superman

Writer's Commentary: Hella Good

January 16: Paper: An important list.

Selected song: The Talking Heads' "Paper."

Writer's Commentary: Another Time, Another Place

January 17: Hallelujah: Delilah gets hauled in for her role in the abduction of Samson, flirts heavily with the woman interrogating her. It's the classic story with a noir twist.

Selected song: Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah

Writer's Commentary: It's Good to King

January 18: Something New: A boxer kills a man in the ring...for the second time.

Selected song: Airborne Toxic Event's "Something New."

Writer's Commentary: Your Lucky Day in Hell

January 19: I'm Not Sleeping: Trapped by a supernatural tormentor for years, a man finally escapes.

Selected song: Counting Crows' "I'm Not Sleeping"

Writer's Commentary: Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine