January 16, 2014: Paper

“Paper” by The Talking Heads from Fear of Music

Listen to it here

(photo from photoree.com)

(photo from photoree.com)

The plan is clear. He has no doubts. He can achieve this, he will achieve this.

It is louder than he expected. Louder and more chaotic. So many signs and colors and the people. Oh the people.

It is all fine though. He can do this. He knows it.

His hand grips the paper tighter. He can feel his sweat. Wheels squeak and spin. He pauses and runs through the plan in his head again. He knows he’s forgetting something. He feels silly, disappointing.

But he has a backup. The paper. Chagrined, but not stopped, he unfurls it. He reminds himself.

Yes. He can do this. He has a plan. The plan is clear.




Sliced cheese



Popsicles, the fruit kind.

He can do this. He will do this.