Writer's Commentary: It's Good to Be King

On Post: It’s Good to be King

Date: January 9, 2014

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I find I am often tickled/horrified by people with unusual lives and massive privileges who either wholly unaware of what they have or so casual about it that it brings you up short. For this kind of song, this kind of character seemed a natural fit.

I chose to do it in a letter because the King would then be devoid of any social cues, aides to step in, or subjects to push back (literally or otherwise) while he rattles off why he loves to be the ruler.

As far as why I chose what I did for his favorites, some of them seemed obvious (the sex), some were influenced by other media (Jeff Bridges as the U.S. President talking about a shark sandwich he can get from his chefs in THE CONTENDER), others seemed so silly I had to (bedtime), or grim to make it clear he’s not harmless (the secret police).

The SLEEPWALKER reference was purely to amuse myself.