Writer's Commentary: Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine

On Post: Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine

Date: January 11, 2014

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Putting this piece together came very easily as an idea. I knew right away I wanted to do it like a medical form and wanted it to read as from the perspective of anti-vaxxer/super natural healer who would buy into the ads and books about organic cures they don’t want you to know about and all that.

As a few people pointed out to me via e-mail, there’s a very good chance that such a person would be fairly lefty, which is a fine point. The truth is, I could figure out jokes like the ones I had for Reagan and Gingrich with liberal folks and with time ticking, I had to go with what I have. I just couldn’t find someone as revered by liberals who was as successful as Reagan who suffered a malady of the brain or someone as iconic with as hypocritical a sex life as Gingrich. So, point heard, but I wrote for the funny here not for the truly authentic conception of the character.

Despite the idea coming easily, the formatting did not. I want it to look like a medical form complete with a script writing for the free answer section but I just couldn’t make my HTML magic work on the site in time and the established font templates did not convey what I wanted them to in an accurate or legible way. So I had to accept it as is and move on. Maybe someday I’ll revisit it and crack the code and put it up to show how I’d have liked it to look.