Writer's Commentary: The Wreckoning

On Post: The Wreckoning

Date: January 12, 2014

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Usually, a majority of my January Project entries hinge on one line or verse, not the song as a whole. I felt as though I had not been doing that enough this time around so I forced myself to do it here, focusing entirely on, “Because the way I do my thing is strange/ I just inject myself into your veins.” This reminded me of another two songs about injecting and love, Velvet Underground’s Heroin (I thought it was Lou Reed’s solo, but the internet is telling me otherwise, so ok) and 50 Cent’s A Baltimore Love Thing.

With the combination of those three in my head, love as injectable seemed the natural route. I tried to go sci-fi first, then fantasy/horror next and neither idea was really coming together for me. So, naturally, I went to my weakest tool: poetry.

That said, I’m pretty happy with this effort. I’m not a poet so I get and acknowledge that it is a bit clichéd and hackneyed, but considering some of my other poetic efforts, this one actually reads well and is at least a little more interesting in construction and eschewing simple rhyming patterns then a lot of my other January Project poems.