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The Polls Are Staying Open! Keep Voting!

As can often be the case, things far more important than this writing contest occurred last week. While I did not cancel the voting in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, I did choose not to promote it. The moment just never seemed right or appropriate so I held back. Unfortunately, over the course of the week, there never felt like a “right” moment to point people to the link, so I held my tongue.

As you can see from the previous voting post, polling was intended to end today, a few hours ago. However, it felt wrong to me to not give everyone who participated in the contest and everyone who read the stories (that means you, hopefully) a chance to know of the voting and be able to let people know/vote for their favorites. So we are extending the voting exactly one week. Now everyone has until April 29th to cast their ballot and elevate their favorite story and/or writer to everlasting glory.

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