So What's All This Then?

Hello and welcome! So glad to have you join us.

I am Tim Stevens, husband, father, enthusiastic consumer of entertainment, and booster of all things Newington, CT related (and so on and such of). It seems unlikely you just found this site by accident so all that was probably review. Anyway, I freelance write for a variety of sites including, most prominently, (home of the House of Ideas) and New Paris Press (New England's online answer to the New Yorker). I also write for pure ha-ha's including the annual Tim Stevens's The January Project.

Oh, and then there's the whole almost a Doctor of Psychology thing (Psy D to be specific). 

I am available for further freelance work, birthday parties, and dangerous missions to save the planet. Happy to provide samples and recommendations related to all three.

This is my online home. Please enjoy.