Last Week(s) in the Links: 06/04-06/17/2018

I came, I saw, I posted some links.

Enjoy these links and for goodness sakes give Predator a hug. (

Enjoy these links and for goodness sakes give Predator a hug. (


This Site!

HEIST MOVIES! Regardless of how you felt about OCEAN'S 8 I've got more excellent heist movies for you to check out in the Tuesday List.

Want to know the best action movie of the 1980's? This bracket, voted on by secret Facebook group, has the answer. 


With a pair of celebrity suicides and the debut of Season 2 of 13 REASONS WHY, I felt compelled to write about the boogeyman of therapists, suicide.

THE BRIGHT SESSIONS, the four season audio fiction podcast, came to a close. I spoke to show creator, writer, and actor Lauren Shippen about the series origins, its ends, and what is next.

Dahlia Lithwick wrote eloquently about not going numb in the fact of atrocities. I drew a difference between going and staying numb and how, sometimes, going numb is the only healthy choice you can make.

Movie Reviews!

TAG can't handle feelings, but is good for laughs.

Built from spare parts, HOTEL ARTEMIS is like several other movies you've seen before. And a fun day at the cinema.

Despite mixed reviews and a lack of substance, I liked OCEAN'S 8 and said so.

UPGRADE is a blast and I cannot recommend enough. I wrote about it to try.