Writer's Commentary: Turn You Inside Out

On Post: Turn You Inside Out

Date: January 27, 2013

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This piece is actually something of a two-fer.

In considering what I wanted to do with “Turn You Inside Out” when it came up on the Randomizer, I also happened to listen to its mate from the Green album, “World Leader Pretend.” And thus, an idea was sparked.

I already knew I wanted to have someone bloviating about his or her ability to control/destroy a group of people he clearly did not stand a chance against, but I wasn’t sure of the setting. Initially, I was considering something along the lines of a high school cafeteria. However, with “World Leader” my mind went to international diplomacy and, thus, the UN. And since I was in the mindset of a false leader, what if the bloviater was a self-proclaimed leader of a false nation? So his boastful speaking of power and manipulation skill is doubly fraudulent; he lacks the abilities to do what he claims he can do and he’s making these wild, false claims in the name of a nation that does not exist.

I don’t think that a braggadocio dictator of a fictional state would ever actually be able to make it to the floor of UN General Assembly, of course, but if I don’t let him, I don’t have much of an entry, do I? Sometimes, oftentimes, it is ok to ignore the way the real world truly works to produce enjoyable pieces of fiction. Fiction shouldn’t strive for actual reality, it should “feel” like reality. Fiction, after all, should still be entertaining and actual reality so often is not.

Oh look, a soap box. Guess I better step off of it. (photo from  lookatmyhappyrainbow.com )

Oh look, a soap box. Guess I better step off of it. (photo from lookatmyhappyrainbow.com)