Writer's Commentary: One More Night

On Post: One More Night

Date: January 5, 2013

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Adam sure loves his ice cream (okmagazine.com)

Adam sure loves his ice cream (okmagazine.com)

I don’t want to short you on this entry, but, to be honest, it is not that complicated. The song is clearly about a relationship gone wrong where the physical attraction is getting in the way of a clean break. I didn’t want to be that on the nose about it though so I expanded the parameters to unhealthy habits in general. And when I think unhealthy habits, I think eating tasty things late at night.

(I’m going to resist making a “Tim’s tubby” joke here. But rest assured, it would’ve been a knee slapper.)

So, yeah…not that brilliant.

I will say though if you listen to the Maroon 5 song through the filter that Adam (because we’re buds) singing to a pint of Rocky Road—and ignore that lipstick on the collar line, which, by the way, never ever happens—it takes on a whole new tone. I personally think it makes it deeper and far more heart rending.