January 5, 2013: One More Night

Song: “One More Night” by Maroon 5 from Overexposed

Listen to it here

(Picture taken from http://marginalizingmorons.blogspot.com/)

“This is it,” Bart growled contemptuously. “After this…never again! You hear me, never!”

He paced the kitchen back and forth, receiving no response.

He softened, “Look…look, you know how I feel about you. And we’ve had incredible times. Just…just the best. But we both know we can’t go on like this.”

He yanked open the drawer and pretended to find the spoons fascinating for a moment before pulling one out.

“It’s not healthy. It’s just not. And I’m sure my wife knows. I’m sure of it! How long can I expect her to be ok with it?”

Brad turned around, back to the island and turned on the faucet, all the way to hot. After a few moments, he held the spoon underneath the torrent.

“And we have tonight, right? You and me….you see me getting things ready here the way you like them. It’ll be a perfect send off and then, tomorrow, we both just…never look back. Right?”

Silence filled the kitchen. Brad nearly vibrated in place, so tight was he wound.

Then, with a groan, half erotic, half humiliated, he grabbed the carton of ice cream off the counter, pulled the top away, and dug in.

“Last time,” he whispered to himself in between bites of Cherry Fudge Ripple. “Just…tonight. Then, never again.”

One would expect the carton of Butter Crunch still sitting the freezer might persuade Bart to change his mind very soon.