Writer's Commentary: Radioactive

On Post: Radioactive

Date: January 4, 2013

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This is totally a “looked at the title, decided what I was going to write” entry. Yes, the lyrics sort of support it—all that “Welcome to the New Age” can easily be forebodingly repurposed to apply to radioactive creatures coming down from far away frozen northern Maine to get us all—but it really was just the title that sent me off and running.

On an only semi-related note, have you seen the trailer for the film The Host? It’s based on a novel by the same woman who wrote the Twilight series Stephanie Meyer, and is therefore of no interest to me. The trailer though utilizes a bit of “Radioactive” in it and it works very well. It might be just because I’m a fan of the song already, but I thought it integrating/boosted the clip nicely and gave the whole thing a (possibly unearned) sense of scope and immediacy.

Although, given the apparent plot, I suppose one could say the song’s use of the aforementioned “Welcome to the New Age” lyrics makes it a Mickey Mouse choice, but I’d disagree.

No, no. Sorry, not that The Host. (Picture from  godzilla.wikia.com )

No, no. Sorry, not that The Host. (Picture from godzilla.wikia.com)

Ahh, that's the one! (Picture from  www.hollywoodreporter.com )

Ahh, that's the one! (Picture from www.hollywoodreporter.com)