Writer's Commentary- You Blew Me Off

On Post: You Blew Me Off
Date: January 28
Is there any better time to be infatuated with someone who treats you poorly than middle school/early high school? I’d submit to you that no, no there is not. For one thing, the stakes are relatively low. Middle school/early high school relationships of any length or substance are few and far between so it is not that odd to be single. Plus, everyone treats everyone else terribly at that age, especially in middle school, so it is not that odd at all to fall for one of the many who mock your shortcomings and/or pretend you do not exist.
When you leave that age range, it starts to get disconcerting. Low self-esteem, the possibility of exploitation, and just generally bad partner picking become very real things. So, to do a fun approach to this kind of “love” I had to put it into that age range. The note from one classmate to another felt very apropos and indicated the time this was taking place without me having to waste many words setting it up.
I do not recommend this kind of romance for anyone. You all deserve a respectful kind partner. Except for you, sir. You…get nothing.
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