Writer's Commentary- Believe in What You Want

On Post: Believe in What You Want
Date: January 27
I respect musicians and bands. I really do. They do many things I know I can’t do. They play instruments that people want to hear in such a proficient way that people want to hear them being played. I never really was able to achieve that with trombone or tuba. They also sing, which I am fairly certain I can’t do. And many of them song write which, given my track record with poetry is not something I’d lay money on my ability to do.
That said, I’ve never understood the obsession that people, artists and fans, pay to selling out. Artists should want to be successful. They should want to put their art in as many hands as possible and have it listened to and studied and discussed. There is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to reap some of the benefits of that attention, be it monetarily, in prestige, or whatever.
Of course, the success discussed in this piece is obviously insane and over the top. Which is, I think, what people worry about when they talk “selling out.” And that’s worthy of being worried about. The problem is that any step towards that, making money, getting a hot girlfriend, making a silly appearance on TV, is interpreted as being akin to spending money like water, having sex with boatloads of groupies, and completely throwing away credibility by making all kinds of commercials, TV appearances, and plastering your face on bottles of water. They are not equivalent. Money does not equal selling out. Rising in prestige does not equal selling out. Or, it shouldn’t anyway.
Also, we totally need a song about what a bummer it is to have your teen girlfriend take the car you promised your model wife she could drive. I think that’s a really relatable thing.

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