Writer's Commentary- Possum Kingdom

On Post: Possum Kingdom
Date: January 29
So this song is about vampires, right? Or a serial killer? That’s pretty much the only read I could get on it. Either way, weird.
So, I guess it should be no surprise that it prompted this kind of entry.
And yes, it is pretty much an allegory for sex. Like a 1950’s, sex will ruin you forever kind of allegory. Even if the song didn’t have the “be my angel” and “be my lover, be my lover, yeaaaaaaaah” lyrics, it pulls for that sort of dark interpretation of losing one’s virginity.
I think it works as a straight horror story too though. I was going for that sort of Lovecraftian (and yes, I understand I am nowhere near a Lovecraft here, just saying that’s the realm I was shooting for) tale in which the POV confronts a thing so vast, so bizarre, so alien that her mind literally breaks because of it.
The “loss of virginity” piece kind of developed as I wrote. I noticed and figured, “eh” a lot of horror has that kind of element to it, so why not? For the record though, I am far more sex positive that this story would indicate. Just be safe, share it with someone you care about, and know that it can mean both a lot more and a lot less than you expect.
(Sorry…just would feel bad if I left the impression that losing one’s virginity is similar to gazing upon an ancient evil).
Someone dropped me a note and said that “townies” were kind of taking it on the chin in the Project.  A cursory glance gives me a direct townie mention in “Good Morning,” one here, and I guess the kids in “Dashboard” could be labeled townies. In the first, nobody was in the right, but I can agree that it was not a flattering portrayal. In the third, the kids were the heroes, if you will, so I don’t think that’s so bad.
With this one, yes, our townie may be evil. He might not be. He might just want to connect with our POV and didn’t realize what the “secret” would do to her. But let’s assume he’s evil. The reason I made him a “townie” was I wanted to add to the sense that this was his world she was visiting. That he knew the ins and outs and that he had been here for a time before her. It was less a “boo, townie” choice and more a “why, I’ve been here all along.”
If that makes a difference, I do not know. I hope it does.

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