Writer's Commentary- Go Go Gadget Flow

On Post: Go Go Gadget Flow
Date: January 30
This is, basically, a two-joke script. Joke one is the very idea of determining the better city in this way. Joke two is the treatment of the Beantowner. The entire piece is in service to those gags.
As such, I don’t think it “reads” well. It seems long on the page. In practice though, spoken by competent actors, I think it would move along at a good clip and actually prove quite rapid fire. If it would work though, is not necessarily answered by that. It really comes down to how the humor was sold. It probably would play well here on the east coast and in the area around Chicago and, I assume, almost nowhere else. Californians, in particular, might resent not even having a Boston sized piece of the conversation.
On a side note, I was initially going to try something with the “go go gadget” part, but I couldn’t get past an anecdote I have about someone I dated really liking Inspector Gadget. I’m not even sure if it’s true so much as she once said she liked it when she was younger and in my head through the vagaries of memory I’ve elevated her childhood enjoyment of it to “I LOVE INSPECTOR GADGET!” And, in any case, it is not an anecdote one can build a decent story around.

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