Writer's Commentary- Capitalism

On Post: Capitalism
Date: January 24
The sheer amount of internet commentary that buys into this song at face value, that its lyrics have no meaning except exactly what they say, was sort of startling to me. It was kind of like finding out that there are people out there who think Stephen Colbert’s character Stephen Colbert is who he really is all the time.
Officially, Danny Elfman, the lead singer and writer of this song describes it as “serious satire.” Yes, he is down on suburban liberals—perhaps you’d know them as the limousine liberal set—and his critique of them here seems to be meant authentically. However, his glorification of capitalism via conservative talking points is pretty clearly tongue in cheek.
So I wanted to write something that did that as well. Except everything I wrote ended up like “Capital G.” I had already mocked each side’s take on the other while showing how easily it breaks down when people know each other behind their identified political identity there via the brothers and it felt repetitive to make that same point by satire again.
So, instead, I wrote what would was a fairly heavy handed bit of political theatre. I have no regrets.
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