Writer's Commentary- Puzzle Pieces

On Post: Puzzle Pieces
Date: January 25
Sometimes your first idea is your best idea and you know it right away and you never question it. That was the case here.
The only regret I have, if you can call this a regret, is that I do not know all that much about plastic surgery and I didn’t have a lot of time to investigate complications, mistakes, and so on, so the descriptions of what the POV has done to her body were a bit limited and not as horrible as they might otherwise have been.
On the other hand, that might have been to the benefit of the piece as it firmly puts the attention on the true factor here is the sheer amount of surgery she had done in search of perfection, not just in what the surgeries look like. In other words, if you make it too horrible, the reader may end up thinking, “That poor woman getting all that bad surgery in search of perfection,” when it really should’ve been, “That poor woman, feeling like she had to get all that surgery and be perfect.”

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