Writer's Commentary- Blackout

On Post: Blackout
Date: January 23
“Blackout” was a fun one.
The song itself was obviously a love gone wrong tune, but I didn’t want to go there, especially as I was still cooking my idea for Breaking Up to a Beat at the time and I knew it was mining similar material. (Check out that link, by the by). So I made the choice right away: I will not make this entry in any way, shape, or form about relationships or love.
When you strip that out of the song, you are left with a lot of body trauma issues.
“Can’t feel my hands.”
“I won’t blackout.”
“Inhale to the top of my lungs.”
And then there is a reference to a chase and not stopping. That part gave me the idea of, well, someone chasing someone else down a street. The repetition of “This won’t stop til I say so,” and “going and going and going and go,” became the basis for the “Keep the Rhythm” mantra the POV character keeps returning to. The body trauma stuff was brought to bear in the POV’s nerves about trying to fire his guy (the “Can’t feel my hands,”), the burn in the lungs of running, and, of course, the tumble he takes.
I just really liked recasting a song that is clearly about one thing as about something entirely different. I feel like I did that more in last year’s project and was definitely missing it so it was gratifying to be able to do that again here.
My explanation not ring true? Do you have questions that this piece left unanswered? Reach out and touch me at tim.g.stevens@gmail.com or @ungajje on the Twitter. And, as always, spread the word.