Writer's Commentary: Fall on Me

On Post: Fall on Me
Date: January 6
Did you know Chicken Little actually started out as Henny Penny? And was also referred to as Cockey Lockey, Ducky Lucky, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey, and Foxy Loxy, depending on the country and the era?
All true.

I learned that while doing the research for this entry because I found myself suddenly, inexplicably, unsure on how the Chicken Little fable unfolded. I knew the bit about the acorn and the sky falling, but…I don’t know. I talked myself into thinking I was missing some key detail. I don’t think I was…if I was, I certainly don’t remember what detail I was missing.
I did learn that, no matter what Zach Braff tries to tell you, Chicken Little is typically a female in the story. Which makes a certain amount of sense, given that the character is a chicken, not a rooster. I am tentatively tempted to put on my feminist criticism hat and point out that, given the history of labeling the female mentally ill as “hysterical,” Chicken Little’s sex/gender is a sexist artifact of the time that she was created in. Actually, I suppose, by writing that sentence, I more or less already did put that hat on.
I’m probably stalling a bit because this one was brutal to write. Just brutal. I considered and jettisoned at least three other ideas before settling on this one. And I mean “settling” in the “I’m 39 and unmarried. If I don’t take this one, will I ever have another chance not to die alone?” sense of the word. I did it without pleasure or excitement, but rather with a sort of desperate, weary resignation. When it was done, I had no love for it, but had no intention of trying again.
In retrospect, I think I was being a bit harsh. The Thunder told me straight off that she liked it and said it “sounded” distinctly different than my other pieces. I can see that now and I think that is a fair description. But, man, when it was done I wanted to be as far away from the thing as possible.
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