Writer's Commentary: The Thong Song

On Post: The Thong Song
Date: January 7
I think I may have cheated with this entry.
To my recollection, it is one of two pieces that references the song that inspired it directly. Given the rules I laid out, I think I followed the letter of it here, but not necessarily the spirit.
That said, I feel pretty okay about it. I’ve long enjoyed the idea of someone using hip hop lyrics that are, apparently, meant to be complimenting to the female form and how that would work out. Because, coming from Sisqo or not, “dumps like a truck” just doesn’t seem like something to butter a lady up.
It also enabled me to assert that “Unleash the Dragon” is a better song. I will never miss an opportunity to remind the people of this.
For some reason though, my favorite part of this entry has nothing to do with finally writing out a joke I first told a version of when I was like 18 or 19 years old. My favorite part is the reference to the guy wearing his lucky shirt. I’m not generally someone who laughs at his own work, but that part makes me giggle. I can just picture him telling this story to his buddies the next day and really emphasizing that point, really driving it home, to illustrate how unreasonable she was being.
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