Writer's Commentary: You Don't Know Me

On Post: You Don’t Know Me
Date: January 5
“You Don’t Know Me” is one of the posts I got the most positive feedback on. People, for whatever reason, really dug it.

They liked the game show backdrop, they liked Hannah’s tone of voice, and some got a kick out of the Tom Cruise reference. Which, I assume, is because they too recognize that Tom Cruise is dreamy, not because they appreciated the reference ironically. Remember: Tom Cruise is a genius and everything he does is brilliant.
Oddly enough, no one mentioned the Humpty Dance reference which is the one I was really proud of.

For my part, I too liked it quite a bit. From a writer’s standpoint, it allowed me to write a third person story that, really, is more of a first person one. The whole entry is informed and shaped by Hannah’s tone of voice. You get a great idea who she is from just the tone alone. And yet, it is third person. That may not be interesting or noteworthy from a reader’s standpoint, but from a writer’s, it was fun to make that work.
If Hollywood is listening, I would totally host a show called “Spouse Joust.” Despite Hannah’s protestations, I think that’s a BRILLIANT name.
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