SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Mid and End Credits Revealed, Explained, Explored!

Did you know that most films in the MCU feature at least one mid or post-credits scenes? It’s true! Often these scenes are funny, often they tease future developments. Sometimes? Sometimes they do both!

In that tradition, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME features a mid and end credit scene and I am here to tell you ALL about them and what they might mean for the future.

If the headline does not make it clear, there be spoilers in these words that follow. If you are a spoiler-phobe, consider yourself warned. You have no one to blame but yourself. YOURSSSSSSSSSSSSSELF!

Anyway, these two scenes are probably two of the most significant in recent memory for both the character and the future of the MCU. LET’S GET INTO IT!

The Mid-Credits!

Fun Fact! My wife used to work in that building behind them! (Image from Marvel Films)

Fun Fact! My wife used to work in that building behind them! (Image from Marvel Films)

Picking up just moments after where the movie ends, Spidey finishes swinging (Of the web variety! They’re teenagers, not sad middle age Nutmeggers! [ICE STORM Reference!]) with his new girlfriend MJ. As he bids her adieu and is about to swing away to do friendly neighborhood-ing, one of the giant screens of New York City comes to life.

And I’ll be damned, it’s J. Jonah Jameson. And not just any triple J, its J.K. Simmons himself, back in the role!

Much like Playstation’s Spider-Man recast JJJ as a podcast/talk radio type to keep up with the zeitgeist, this version of Jameson seems to have outgrown print media. In tone and style, he feels like an Alex Jones-type with perhaps a touch more respectability. His distaste for Spider-Man, however, remains fully in effect.

Aided by Mysterio’s doctored final footage, the mustached one declares Spidey the perpetrator of the attacks in London, not the one who ended it. Worse? Quentin Beck outed the Webslinger as Peter Parker as well and Jameson unhesitatingly broadcast said outing.

He lost his hair. Whatever. Happens to us all. No biggie. (Image from Sony Pictures)

He lost his hair. Whatever. Happens to us all. No biggie. (Image from Sony Pictures)

What Does It Mean?

Rumor had it we’d see Jameson in FAR FROM HOME, so, yep we did. However, the rumors about who it might be? The debates about who it should be? Non-starters. The once and present Editor-in-Chief is back and bald!

In grand JJJ fashion, he also shows up with the perfect way to completely foul up Spider-Man’s life.

Now, plenty of MCU-ers identities are public already. None of them, however, are kids. Moreover, none of them have enemies in prison actively organizing to get revenge as scene in the SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING credits. Also none of them had basically zero infrastructure to protect them AND have just been accused on being a terrorist.

It feels obvious this will drive the next Spider-Man movie at least. The bigger question is how we might see it echo through other MCU films. Will this really stay until Spider-Man is the lead character or will it be felt across the Phase of films? I am hoping it will be a subtle presence throughout but the bulk will be seen in the next Spider-film.

Nick Fury might even smile next time we see him. (Image from Marvel Films)

Nick Fury might even smile next time we see him. (Image from Marvel Films)

The End Credits!

This, on the surface, feels like the joke-y one. Turns out Nick Fury (and Maria Hill, evidently) decided to take a vacation after what we are now, apparently, calling The Blip. But Fury is a way famous face, he cannot just vacation anywhere without it causing ways both through his absence and his presence in, say, the Bahamas.

The solution?

Skrulls of course! Our favorite Australians aliens are back! Talos and Soren have happily stepped in to help out his eye-patched friend and Hill. This explains things like Hill sassing Fury for not knowing about Mysterio (they’re married, not leader and subordinate), Hill’s generally less kind demeanor (she is delightfully mean and so over it in FAR FROM HOME), and Fury’s somewhat odd reaction to Captain Marvel being mentioned (presumably because a level of reverence).

Talos contemplates those fat royalty checks. (Image from Marvel Films)

Talos contemplates those fat royalty checks. (Image from Marvel Films)

What Does It Mean?

As I said above, it’s funny. It’s great to see the Skrulls again and to see Fury take a well-needed rest.

However, it also shows us that the Skrulls are still very connected to our planet and, more interestingly, to Nick Fury.

Some have hypothesized this is the first step towards SECRET INVASION and it well could be. However, like the MCU’s previous use of storyline names (CIVIL WAR, AGE OF ULTRON, INFINITY WAR) this is almost certainly not a one-to-one translation of the comic book incarnation.

For one, the Skrulls have not really ever been the enemies of Earth or any of the heroes. There is no evidence in the scene to suggest anything but Nick Fury continues to trust and work with them. Which means INVASION has to go in at least a slightly different direction.

The first I can think of hews closer to the comics. A rogue unit of Skrulls, possibly religious zealots, have invaded Earth and impersonated key people in human society. They get exposed, no one trusts anyone, big fight, and so on.

This is, frankly, the less interesting choice to me. We have seen hero pitted against hero before (CIVIL WAR) and the idea of refugees we saved coming back years later to destroy us is OH BOY when it comes to political implications.

The other route is somehow the Skrulls get framed as an invading force and our heroes need to defend them, expose the lie, and reintroduce the aliens to the world in a way that keeps the Skrulls safe going forward. This route could also reincorporate the Kree who, of course, looks far more human in general and exactly human when it comes to the non-bluish skinned group. As an attempt at revenge, one that would punish both the Skrulls and seek to undo all the work of their former teammate Captain Marvel is it both genius and cruel. Also it gives a significant cosmic avenue for the Guardians to logically be a part of if the movies decide to eventually go all out again.

But what do you think? Love the scenes? Hate them? Have any pet theories of your own?