Last Month (Plus) in the Links: 03/05-04/08/2018

LINKS are back, thank our lucky stars!

I would not want to be on the receiving end of this look. (

I would not want to be on the receiving end of this look. (

This Site!

Three weeks in a row, I revisited the Austrian Oak's filmography to pick out his best films of the 80s, the 90s, and 2000 to today

Since the Oscars, I know y'all freaky for monsters. So I assembled a list of some human-monster romance movies to help you enjoy your sick sick fetish.

I bid adieu to one of my favorite places on Earth, Nauset Beach and its snack shop, when a storm irrevocably changed the beach's coast line. 

Lastly, I made predictions about last night's WrestleMania. How right was I? No way to know without taking a look. Just a preview: despite my predictions, no wizards or dragons appeared.


I sat down and really looked at the numbers regarding diversity in comics. Focusing on Marvel and DC's solo titles, I analyzed the first three months of the year for gender, racial, and sexual identity diversity in my first of four in 2018 Quarterly Diversity Checks.

I discuss my "relationship" to Daredevil and how it reflects how important representation in comics is for EVERYONE despite what anti-diversity people will tell you.

My appreciation for Carrie Anne Moss's performance in JESSICA JONES gave rise to this column proclaiming her the most complicated character on the show and the heir to the antihero throne of Walter White.

Movie Reviews!

Despite the hideous trailer, BLOCKERS turned out to be a strong comedy with heart.

Another film overcoming bad buzz, in my opinion, was READY PLAYER ONE, a film that brought Spielberg back to blockbuster spectacle roots.

I was not a fan of PACIFIC RIM but found its sequel, UPRISING, to be a superior film.

Despite a strong lead, TOMB RAIDER proves a mediocre affair.

LOVE, SIMON feels predictable at times but remains heartwarming and right on time (if not a little late.) And perhaps a predictable mainstream coming out tale won't be such a bad thing.

Other Sites!

My observations regarding aspects of ANNIHILATION gets the hosts talking in an episode of last week's Next Picture Show (TRON/READY PLAYER ONE Pt 1) during the feedback section at the end of the 'cast.

I returned, perhaps triumphantly?, to Beckett to the Future with an episode about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War paranoia, guns, kids and a lot of other things that feel uncomfortably relevant in 2018.