Last Week in the Links: 8/28-9/3/2017

Labor Day was yesterday so I labored but not on this site. And yet, still, I bring you link!

When USAgent tries to ruin Gajje's party.

When USAgent tries to ruin Gajje's party.

This Site!

Fall is here (not technically speaking but colloquially! And colloquially is all that matters!) and the Tuesday List is telling you how best to spend your time.

Beholding Bigelow showcased Kathryn Bigelow's latest--and current most controversial--film Detroit.

Inhumans hit the big(gest) screen last weekend, tossing its pilot onto IMAX screens everywhere. People yawned. But I let you know what all those fools are missing out on by skipping this cinema event!

I closed the week by getting serious as I talked about my faith and how the Nashville Statement abusing the very nature of Christianity to use it as a cover for bigotry and fear.!

The Psych Ward goes to a galaxy far far away once again to meet that most famous of Jedi, Mace Windu.

The Scarlet Spider content keeps coming as Peter David and I talk about the Slingers a 90's prospect I'm excited for and he kinda remembers.

Finally, I wrote about every Captain America that has connected with the "main" Marvel Universe timeline. Most of them I wrote about off the top of my head. Because I've wasted my life.


My first column for Nation of Nerds went up over the weekend, the first of what will hopefully be many. This time, I was waxing on about "losing" the Wally West of my teens.