Last Week in the Links: 9/11-9/17/2017

Soooooo, how are you? Good? Things ok? And the folks? Great, great. 

Well, links? Cool. Links!

Is this an excuse just to show a Quitely Owlman? Maybe. (

Is this an excuse just to show a Quitely Owlman? Maybe. (

This Site!

The Tuesday List went hard hitting by revealing the ways in which Rotten Tomatoes is KILLING the film industry!

Beholding Bigelow went all the way back to the start of Kathryn Bigelow's career to cover The Loveless, starring Willem Dafoe in his first big screen role.

I got super into the movie IT and decided to collect all my fragments of thoughts in six distinct takes in one Pop Culture Musings column for your reading pleasure.!

The Wizard goes to the Psych Ward in a special flashback edition of my roughly weekly column.

Beast and Wonder Man are the best of friends and Jim Zub and I remind you of that in this interview about UNCANNY AVENGERS.

The Falcon is back in his costume and bound for Chicago. Writer Rodney Barnes talked to me all about Sam Wilson taking flight.

Quake wants revenge. Maybe the Secret Warriors don't. Matthew Rosenberg hints with me at how it might all go down.


I sing the praises of doppelganger villains, especially Batman's and then get philosophical about my possible doppelganger in my latest for Nation of Nerds!