Last Week in the Links: 11/27-12/3/2017

You get your shopping done yet? Eh, who cares... LINKS!

I get it! Beards are sexy now! Whatever. (

I get it! Beards are sexy now! Whatever. (

This Site!

For some reason, last week the Internet declared war on Armie Hammer. Some of it was ok, some of it was...pretty terrible. I tackled the most egregious, Slate's demand Hammer "man up" and get back on Twitter.

The Tuesday List revealed comic book secrets that almost no else knows. It had nothing to do with other secrets about comics revealed on Tuesday. Honest.

Kevin Feige announced that Marvel was going to make 20 NEW movies in the year to come, pushing beyond already established behaviors. I pretended to know what they are and told you all about them. It was a parody though. Please understand. Not real.!

A two Psych Ward started with Jessica Jones' #1 nemesis, Purple Man, sitting down for a session. The next day, Black Panther's top antagonist, Klaw, sounded off.

Next, I did J. Jonah Jameson's job for him and showed why Spider-Man's a menace!

Finally Max Bemis and I talked Moon Knight, his personalities, his new enemy, his old nemesis, and so much more.


I make my Beckett to the Future debut talking about "It's a Wonderful Leap," the season 4 Quantum Leap episode. I try and fail to make my points but it is still plenty of fun.